Frequently Asked Questions

Learn About The Bret Boone Podcast

Have a podcast-related question? We have the answer! Check out our FAQs below to learn more about The Bret Boone Podcast.

What's the format of your podcast?

I sit down with my friends in the sports world and have a conversation about our experiences for an hour. This free-form style is what makes it one of the best sports podcasts.

When did you start the podcast?

I have been doing this sports podcast for about a year.

Who do you talk to?

On the Bret Boone Podcast, I sit down with professional athletes, celebrities, and musicians from across the board who relate to the sports world.

Are you having fun doing the podcast?

I started out getting some reps on this side of the microphone and ended up enjoying the sports podcast world.

When do you bring your guests on?

I bring my guests on the air every Tuesday and Friday. You can also listen to past podcasts on any podcast platform such as Apple, Google, Spotify, or Castbox. The Bret Boone podcast takes you behind the curtain of your favorite athletes and celebrities.